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Benefits of Yoga

Boat Pose

Reduce stress, anxiety and depression

Deadlines, financial worries, relationship issues, traffic, prolonged sickness, negative emotions of anger, greed, jealousy etc - all these are potential sources of stress. Chronic stress is acknowledged as the major cause of various illnesses like problems of the digestive, respiratory, reproductive, endocrine, and immune systems etc. It also results in heart problems, high blood pressure and other major illnesses. By practicing some simple stretches, breathing techniques, relaxation and creative imagery, one can learn to cope successfully with stressful situations, and stay calm and relaxed, even under the most trying circumstances.

Lose weight, naturally

Most people who are trying to lose weight are aware of the basic guidelines for weight management - proper diet and regular exercise. However, what they lack is the willpower to follow a routine on a regular basis that will ultimately result into a lifestyle change. Yoga helps develop the necessary willpower, reduces craving for food and alcohol as well as helps burn calories through the physical and breathing exercises in a yoga routine. Yoga also helps in improving digestion, eliminating toxins and regulating the endocrine system; all of these help regulate the weight and bring it to an optimum level.

Increase your mobility in shoulders, hips and other joints

Your range of motion tends to decrease, as you get older. Well, as they say - use it or lose it. Yoga takes all your joints through their full range of motion, increasing your mobility and flexibility over time. You'll be amazed at how much easier everyday activities like walking or running can become when you increase the range of motion in your joints.

Sleep better and revitalize

After practicing yoga even for a few days you will begin to sleep much better and wake up in the morning fully revitalized. You will continue to have abundant energy throughout the day to carry out your daily activities.

Strengthen, lengthen and tone your muscles.

Yoga creates long, strong and lean muscles, from head to toe. Enjoy powerful muscles without adding bulk!

Step right in

You don't need to be flexible, strong, thin, young or in any specific shape to practice yoga. Yoga will benefit every BODY, irrespective of age, sex, weight, and physical condition. The further you are from that "ideal" body, the greater the benefits you are going to reap! If you can breathe you can practice yoga!

Reduce chronic pain and other ailments

Yoga is now being used for therapeutic benefits to treat a large variety of ailments including chronic low back pain, headaches, osteoporosis, MS, hypertension etc.

Get a feeling of wellbeing and tranquility

Through the practice of yoga stretches, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation, you will develop a deep sense of overall wellbeing and feel peaceful and tranquil from within. You will develop a higher level of emotional balance.

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