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Jala Neti (Nasal Cleansing)

jala neti

In the ancient text on the practice of Yoga, ‘Hatha Yoga Pradeepika’, six cleansing techniques have been prescribed: Neti: nasal cleansing, Dhauti: cleansing of the digestive tract, Nauli: abdominal massage, Basti: colon cleansing, Kapalbhati: purification and vitalization of the frontal lobes, and Trataka: focused gazing.

In this discussion, we will be focusing on one of the nasal cleansing techniques called ‘jala neti’ (saline nasal irrigation). Jala Neti  is a simple technique which involves using a special “neti  pot” filled with warm, slightly salted water. The nose cone is inserted into one nostril and the position of the head and pot is adjusted to allow the water to flow out of the other nostril. Whilst the water is flowing through the nasal passages one breathes through the mouth. After half a pot has flowed in one direction, the water flow is reversed. When the water in the pot is finished, the nose must be properly dried.

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