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Corporate Yoga Options

Some of the options for offering yoga-based sessions at the workplace are given below. I will be happy to discuss other options and variations to the following ones to customize the offers so as to meet the specific needs of your workforce.

Regular yoga class (Hatha Yoga)

This is a traditional yoga class that integrates the various components of Hatha Yoga – physical postures and stretching, deep relaxation, breathing techniques and meditation. The class is suitable for beginner-level students; however, optional modifications are provided to challenge the more experienced yoga students. During the class, each student is encouraged to practice at his/her own level of strength, flexibility and endurance. Regular yoga practice is known to provide several benefits that are not just limited to physical fitness but include stress reduction and an overall sense of well-being.

Chair yoga (for the busy professional)

Chair yoga is ideally suited for the busy professional who is constantly on the move, both physically and/or mentally. The highly competitive corporate environment results in what is commonly known as “job stress”. Chair yoga provides a convenient and easily accessible approach to relieving stress, recharging the energy level and feeling rejuvenated. Each session consists of gentle seated and standing stretches, deep relaxation, breathing techniques and meditation. These simple techniques can be easily practiced at one’s own desk.

Stress Management Workshop

Stress has been linked with most of the ailments that people suffer from, including some of the more serious ailments like heart problems, hypertension, diabetes and many others. At the work place, stress has been recognized as being responsible for – loss of productivity, inability to focus on the task at hand, increased distracting thoughts, poor judgment, aggressive and escapist behavior, increased medical expenses etc. Yoga-based stress management techniques are increasingly being used by many corporations to help their employees cope with stressful situations, both at home and work. A typical workshop would consist of the following elements: understanding stress, common stressors and their effect, how yoga-based techniques can help, some chair-based stretches, breathing techniques, deep relaxation, guided imagery and meditation and guidelines for a continued personal practice at home/work.

Please call 919-926-9717 to discuss the above options, or any variations thereof, so that I can meet the needs of your work population.